Are you someone who wants to be an ally to the trans and gender nonconforming communities but aren’t sure how or where to start? Is there a person in your life who identifies as trans or gender non-conforming? Do you know your coworkers or peers engage in transphobic behavior but you don’t know what to do about it? This workshop is for you! Becoming a Trans Ally is designed to engage participants in critical thinking regarding their own identity in relation to trans and gender-nonconforming (GNC) identified individuals. This workshop is meant for anyone who wants to create a change in their environment. Whether you are a family member, a teacher with a gender nonconforming student, community member, or just someone who wants to learn how to become an active-ally in their everyday lives. We focus on participants lived experiences to educate and empower folks to be active allies to the trans and gender-queer communities. This workshop addresses privilege, intersectional identities and asks participants to use these ideas as a lens.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying vocabulary, gender identities, and first steps to active allyship.
  • Learning and enhancing effective tools for being an active ally.
  • Preparing for long term active allyship in various contextual experiences.