Turning White Privilege Into Change

Turning White Privilege Into Change: Awareness to Action

“An active-ally is someone who witness injustice and responds to it in any situation. “

This two-part workshop will be an opportunity to use time at home to dig in and learn about how to turn privilege into change. The first session will expand your understanding of self and systemic awareness. We will build a foundation for you to develop actions and tools to use.

Register for this workshop if you are a white person who is interested in dismantling your implicit biases, practicing how to use an intersectional lens, and want to learn key skills for turning your privilege into change. You will be encouraged to make mistakes, take risks, try new behaviors, and feel your honest feelings.

We are excited to offer this workshop on a true sliding scale. All 12 tickets are available for free, with a donation option. If you are able, please donate what feels good to you. A typical workshop like this with the prep work to translate it to an online space would cost $100 a person. Again, no one will be turned away, and we trust you do what feels right for you.

We are capping this group to 12 people to allow for more connection and conversation. Please only sign up if you are sure you can attend.

At the end of this training participants will:

— have developed a deeper understanding of self and systemic awareness and tools to maintain and grow that awareness.

–receive tools and resources to help with moving through hard emotions and experiences as you continue to dismantle white privilege.

– -identify at least two actions to use their privilege to create change in any environment.

Short Bios:

Kyle Sawyer (they/them) is an anti-oppression facilitator and educator specializing in working with individuals and organizations on how to turn privilege into change. He is a trans, queer, mixed-race (middle eastern and white), white-passing individual. With over a decade of experience Kyle founded Building Allies in 2013 and developed the term Active-Ally, someone who witnesses injustice and responds to it in any situation. Kyle has worked with teachers, nonprofit organizations, students, therapists, social workers, community members, family members, and many others on learning how to be Active-Allies through an intersectional lens.

Toby Fraser (he/him) is the Manager for Community Education at a Domestic Violence agency in Philadelphia. He comes to this work through non-violent direct action based activism. He has done trainings ranging from workshops with youth about the roots of violence and social change to training professionals on concrete skills such as screening, safety planning and supporting survivors to direct action trainings, and anti-racism work the environmental movement. Toby identifies as a cis-gendered white man.