Turning Privilege Into Change

The Turning Privilege Into Change (TPIC) Series answers the questions: How do you know what privilege you have? What does it mean to have implicit bias? What does it look like to use an intersectional lens? How do you Turn Privilege Into Change?

Turning Privilege Into Change are anti-oppression workshops that focus on privilege as a tool to create systemic change. TPIC workshops invite you to challenge yourself and those are you, to expand your understanding of implicit bias, and to practice utilizing an intersectional lens. TPIC is a way to learn to move through the difficult and uncomfortable parts of becoming an active-ally. Our workshop series will guide you through the three phases and embodying the five tenets.

Awareness Workshop

Our TPIC Awareness Workshops will guide participants through unpacking and understanding implicit bias,  privilege, and utilizing an intersectional lens. We will focus broadly on how privilege shows up, how we can remain aware of it, and how we can begin to challenge our privileges and use them to create change. Our Awareness workshops expand on self- and systemic awareness and embodying the five tenets.

In this workshop participants will…

  • identify their privileges and where they are in the systems of oppression
  • expand their understanding of intersectionality and how to apply an intersectional lens
  • identify their implicit biases and learn tools and resources to dismantle those beliefs

Action Workshop

Are you aware of your privilege but feel lost in what to do next? Do you want to be a better active-ally to marginalized communities?

TPIC Action Workshops are designed for participants to embody the five tenets of Active-Allyship, take risks, make mistakes, and develop tools and resources. Building from the TPIC Awareness Workshop this workshop focuses on building a deeper self- and systemic awareness and using that awareness to create systemic change.

In this workshop participants will…

  • determine and identify ways to turn privilege into change at work, in the community, and in daily experiences
  • explore strategies and create tools to use and apply in personal and professional contexts
  • actively practice utilizing an intersectional lens

White People Confronting Privilege

Coming soon! 

This week-long experiential workshop will guide you through each part of The Active-Ally Model. Deepening your self- and systemic awareness of white supremacy and racism; identifying, unpacking, and dismantling your implicit biases; and practicing utilizing an intersectional lens. This workshop is a space for participants to practice embodying the five tenets: honesty, grace, vulnerability, witness, and commitment. You are encouraged to make mistakes, take risks, try new behaviors, feel what you need to feel, grow, and become.