What is The Active-Ally Model?

The Active-Ally Model is a guide to a process. The Active-Ally Model offers a way to think differently, to move and be differently. It does not offer a destination. It offers a different lens to do life through.

What are The Five Tenets?

The Five Tenets offer a space to come back to, a space to inhabit, a space to hold. They are a space to set our struggles and confusions, a place in which we can work with others. The Five Tenets offer a hand, a shoulder…

What are the Three Foundational Understandings?

To step into Active-Allyship, there are three foundational understandings we must embody: understanding privilege, utilizing an intersectional lens, and exposing our implicit biases.

Phase One: Awareness

Awareness is both the first phase and the intermittent step for the other two phases. Without Awareness, Actions will often be misguided…


Phase Two: Action

The Action phase, like Awareness, is not just one way of being. Action can look like educating ourselves. It can look like engaging a stranger, a coworker, or friend…

Phase Three: Integration

Integration is what propels us through the cycle and into new ways of being. Integration is what allows us to grow and become in ways we otherwise would not have been able.