Becoming an Active-Ally to the TGNC communities

a CEU workshop for mental health service providers

This CEU workshop has been adapted from our in-person two day workshop. We will hold seven two and a half hour sessions (with breaks) for a total of 14 CEU’s. Each session will build from the previous so attending all seven is expected. You will receive support during each week and opportunities to practice the skills you’ll be learning. You’ll also have the option to engage with your cohort through an online platform.

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 12 participants. The rate for this training is $200-$400 with the understanding that those who sign up will do so at the rate that matches most closely with their current financial ability. We have a small number of scholarship slots available. Please email if you would like more information on scholarships or student and intern rates.

This experiential workshop invites participants to learn and implement new vocabulary, map and expand their understanding of trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) identities, engage active-ally focused practices, and develop skills that can be used and referenced in therapeutic work. Each exercise within the workshop is designed to engage participants in critical thinking regarding their own identity, in relation to trans individuals, through the lens of turning privilege into change.

During this course participants will:

  • breakdown and name at least two personal and two cultural biases toward trans identified individuals, through experiential learning, facilitated discussions, and guided writing.
  • interrogate and determine the process of “othering,” through critical thinking and application of workshop exercises, for working with trans identified individuals.
  • identify at least three challenges and three interventions through experiential learning and facilitated discussions, for working with and faced by trans identified individuals.
  • develop and integrate at least two specific tools for nurturing active-allyship and relationships through didactic and experiential learning for working with trans identified individuals.

The schedule of the course is as follows:

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Active-Ally Model

Session 2: Self-Awareness

In this session we will look at who you are in the context of your gender and the gender binary. We will also expand your understanding and knowledge of trans and nonbinary identities and experiences.

Session 3: Systemic Awareness

This session will offer a broader historical context of the relationship between trans and nonbinary people and psychology.

Session 4: Self & Systemic Awareness

We will place ourselves in the systems of gender and psychology. We will expand your understanding of trans and nonbinary experiences within the mental health services field.

Session 5 and 6: Action

These two sessions will be focused on developing concrete actions to be used in your practice.

Session 7: Integration

This will be our closing session. We’ll wrap-up the course and discuss next steps.

Participants will receive:

  • Seven weekly sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Community to engage and work with
  • Resources and tools for practice
  • 14 Continuing Educational Units
  • Certificate of completion
CEPA Stamp