awareness workshops

Our awareness workshops invite participants to implement new language and methods that expand their existing knowledge. Each workshop uses multiple experiential exercises and facilitated discussion to support participants to engage in critical thinking regarding their own identities.

We design our workshops to fit the specific needs of each group, organization, or community.

Our Awareness workshops are for you if you feel like a beginner and…

  • You identify as an ally
  • You want to learn how to articulate your questions and thoughts about allyship
  • You want to understand more about inequality, inequity, and injustice
  • You want to learn more about privilege and marginalization

Our Becoming An Active-Ally: Phase I Awareness Workshops are designed to guide you through finding and orienting Awareness, asking and answering questions, and engaging your experiences to determine your active-ally abilities. All workshops address privilege, intersectional identities, and asks participants to use these ideas as a lens.

Becoming an Active-Ally to the Trans & GNC Communities – Phase I: Awareness

This Awareness workshop is designed to engage participants in critical thinking regarding their own identity in relation to trans and nonbinary identified individuals.

Becoming an Active Ally: Turning Privilege into Change – Phase I: Awareness

Turning Privilege Into Change – Phase I: Awareness is designed to engage participants in critical thinking, dialogue and activities regarding their own layers of privilege in relation to the world around them.