action workshops

Together we’ll discuss Active-Ally centered practices and learn skills and resources to reference within everyday experiences. Through examples and dialogue, we will build confidence so that participants can practice and engage in any context.

Action workshops are designed to help you gain a better understanding of how to practice Active-Allyship in the context of your personal and professional experiences. These workshops will assist in the development of specific tools that elevate marginalized communities and voices and engenders greater social change.

Our Action workshops are for those who have completed the Awareness workshop or who are of intermediate level and…

  • You understand you carry certain privileges
  • You want to learn how to effectively use your privilege to create change
  • You’d like to gain resources and develop tools to begin your journey toward Active-Allyship.

Phase II: Action Workshops are designed to guide you through developing specific tools and resources to turn your privilege into change. Participants are encouraged to embody the five tenets of Active-Allyship, take risks, make mistakes, and develop their Active-Allyship. All workshops address privilege, intersectionality, and implicit biases and asks participants to use these ideas as a lens.

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Becoming an Active-Ally to the TGNC Communities

This Action workshop is designed to guide participants beyond Awareness. We utilize the experiential cycle to determine and develop specific tools for Active-Allyship toward the transgender and gender nonconforming communities.

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Turning Privilege into Change

In this Action workshop we build on and apply the concepts from Awareness by utilizing participant experiences, experiential exercises, and discussion-based education. This workshop is focused on diving deeper into the development of tools and resources for your Active-Allyship.