Building Allies aims to work with those who are willing to learn how to identify necessary behavioral and emotional shifts to turn their privilege into change.

who are we?

Building Allies is an organization that was founded as a response to the continuous sensationalization of trans identities, bodies, and experiences. We work to educate and empower cisgender, or non-trans individuals, to become active-allies for the trans and gender nonconforming communities. Our continued vision has been to serve and support through education, community outreach, and advocacy.
This vision has since grown to expand the breadth and depth of our workshops toward helping people become more aware of their own privilege, and learn how to turn it into change.
We believe everyone has the ability to support and need to be supported. We believe mistakes can help us grow. We believe it is not the mistake that matters but the ways in which we respond and repair, both as individuals and collectively. We take our work seriously and practice our values within the organization as well as with participants and clients.
Our goal is to focus on participants personal and professional experiences, so that they may have the ability and confidence to do the work within themselves necessary to truly turn their privilege into change. Our workshops and lectures encourage participants to challenge their own assumptions, privileges, and long held beliefs to move into an active-ally way of being.
Our workshops are experiential based. We believe that most people learn this work best by discussing and unpacking their own experiences in a safely guided learning environment. We believe that participants best determine active ally behavior both personally and professionally within the context of their own lived experiences. We work hard to adapt each workshop or presentation to fit specific needs. Alongside our growing trajectory of workshops we offer private and organizational consultations.

To work with those who are willing to learn how to identify necessary behavioral and emotional shifts to turn their privilege into change.


We understand that allyship isn’t a destination. Which is why we believe in building active-allies. An active-ally is someone who witnesses an injustice and responds to it in any situation .

Our belief is that everyone can become an active-ally. Both in relation to their work, and within their overall way of being in the world. The more active-allies that marginalized communities have, the greater chance we have of shifting the paradigm and creating a society that nurtures and supports the growth of those most often silenced and oppressed. Whether you’re a professional therapist, educator, intern, caring community member, or otherwise, we believe that being an active-ally takes having actionable items to reference, and clear tools to practice.

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